Dr. Pittoti Fights for Accessible Women’s Healthcare

Citing the anti-abortion bills’ lack of research, Dr. Pittoti’s actions promote accessible healthcare for women

Article on women’s healthcare | CU Medicine OB-GYN East Denver (Rocky Mountain) | Colorado Times Recorder logo

A Colorado Times Recorder article covered the anti-abortion conference at the Colorado Capital, intended to halt two bills attempting to be passed in the Colorado legislature. One bill would install more arbitrary regulations to make abortion significantly less accessible for women, and the other would have nearly prevented abortion in the state all together.

Many women spoke at the conference to stop what they said would be an injustice in women’s healthcare. Among the speakers was Dr. Jennifer Pitotti, who noted the lack of viable medical research being done by the creators of these anti-abortion bills. Dr. Pitotti made the point that she will continue to provide exceptional quality healthcare to her patients, “without the government inserting itself into [her] exam room.” Thanks to Dr. Pitotti and the other strong female speakers, both bills were defeated.

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